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Kinda like what the other guy said. A sinking school filled with rednecks who love to leave doughnuts on the lawn and carve "things" all over the desks and walls. But, home to some of the greatest sports teams and drama productions in Mid-Coast Maine. While some people may be ugly, there are others...
Well, you'd have to be at Medomak Valley to believe me.
by Another observer April 11, 2006
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Tha most ghetto school in Maine. Home to a large population of rednecks, theater fags, ugly girls and a small collection of normal people mostly from out of state.
If a remake of "Deliverance" was to be made Medomak would be the perfect place to find the cast.
Ayuh I go to Medomak Valley High School. I can't wait to go home and work on my four-wheeler while my 200 pound sister sucks me off. Friendship Powah.
by An observant individual. April 07, 2005
A "school" that was built on a swamp, and is infamous for times when the sewage backed up in to the kitchen. It is rumored that the school is held together by asbestos and the spit of rednecks.
The home of potheads, rednecks, fuglys, sluts, and the occasional semi-normal kid.
guy 1: "Hey man, what school you go to?"
guy 2: "Medomak Valley."
guy 1: "..Oh ...I'm sorry man."
guy 2: "Eh, it could be worse. I could be going to Georges Valley."
by Panther Pride! July 30, 2009

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