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noun: The moment when someone realizes the limits to their love for someone/something.

Rooted from the title & lyrics of the 1993 rock hit by Meatloaf: "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)"
Since the word "That" in the lyrics was commonly regarded as vague in its insinuation, it can also be regarded just as open-ended for everyday life.

Based on the Oprah's popular "Aha! Moment" terminology describing a person's moment of spiritual and psychological clarity.
I reached my Meatloaf Moment when my husband asked me to make posters, bake cookies, operate the loudspeaker and carry him on my shoulders for his "Make Polygamy Legal" rally.

Sarah reached her Meatloaf Moment when her boyfriend Greg asked to borrow her cute jeans.
by August 12, 2010

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