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Any occurance of a ball sack resting on someone's chin while giving head, normally associated with hetrosexual fellatio. Can also refer to any female with exceptionally large vaginal lips/labia receiving cunnilingus.
Although it was Susie's first time giving a blow bob, Melvin decided to shove it deeply down her throat, and give her the old meat beard.

That chick's poon looked so much like chipped ham, I poured on the BBQ sauce and went in for the meat beard, and worked it like a rib.
by Hydrokronix July 13, 2006

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Particularly among men, a double chin, or the fleshiness of one's neck below the chin.
"That low-angle webcam totally highlights your meatbeard."
by Dan Fielding September 11, 2005
An Adelaide death metal band who write catchy songs about their dislike of missionary sex, priests and a cologne that turns you gay when you wear it.
Yo did you hear that new Meat Beard song, it's hilarious!
by twowords April 22, 2009