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Another synonym for the human penis.
I talked to Jackie the other day, and she seemed like she wanted to take another ride on my meat train!
by Skipper O'Donnehue June 25, 2005
A Meat Train is when 3 or more men participate a sexual activity where they form a naked conga-line, in which they all thrust their hips in a back and forth motion whilst penatrating the person in fronts arse

Meat Training is most fun, when you do it on a cruise ship when all your other friends are watching the film 'seven pounds'
'Come on guys lets go for a long, hard Meat Train'
by aurora 2009 August 16, 2009
A Meat train is essentially a long line of men (Or anything with a penis) doing the Conga. The twist is that everyone participating in the 'Meat train' is naked and has there penis inserted into the person in front of them. The men will usually have there hands in the air and be singing the meat train song.

Meat Training, is so fun, but it really hurts my bum.

The last time i Meat Train'ed I got a Tuma in my Brain.

There was a Black Person with a mask, who stuck his penis in my arse.
One Man: "I'm Bored"
Other Man: "Lets Meat Train"
by SCAALLLY August 16, 2009
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