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Said of someone who has frequent, overwhelming, all encompassing hankerings for meat; usually red, and commonly undercooked.
Shocked Spectator: "Dude, your mom is really, uh, going for that rare prime rib."
Embarrassed Offspring: "Yes, yes she is. Please do stand back, and accept my offer of protective eyewear. She becomes quite vigorous at feeding time,especially if she can smell blood. As you can see, she has quite the Meat Tooth.
by Embarrassed Offspring August 25, 2008
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The piece of flappy skin, in your mouth, between your front teeth and upper lip. Some adults have a detached meat tooth that is previlant on either the upper lip or upper gums.
As we were blowin' rails, Bench kept swallowing repeatedly and rubbing coke on his meat tooth.
by LITTLE big hEaD June 07, 2009
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My father forced his fist into my asshole without lubrication. It was most unpleasant. It tore the walls of my asshole, causing internal bleeding. To stop him from grasping my lung, i proceeded to bite his Meat Tooth, until it was completely severed.
by Egon Strangler December 13, 2003
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