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This nefarious sexual act requires the aid of 3 things; 1 person (gender inconsequential) with epilepsy, 1 strobe light, and 1 harness. Upon securing the epileptic person with the harness, the harness is then attatched securely to the penis of the meat shake reciever. The strobe light is then turned on, causing the person within the harness to have an epileptic fit. The shaking of the reciever's "meat", should cause him to ejaculate within minutes, probably ontop of the person secured in the harness.
Mark: "I wasnt too keen on Sally, until i learned that she had epilepsy."
Josh: "you didn't do what i think you did, did you?"
Mark: "Bro... i meat shaked the shit out of her."
Josh: "Classic Mark"
by Nigger flip May 05, 2010
The greatest byproduct of meats in the world. It's made out of the leftover juices, and other various unused parts of meat. Very tastey.
Doctor: "How did you manage to clog up your arteries AND get food poisoning at the same time?"
Bob: "One word, doc. And that's 'meatshake.'"
by airwalker October 04, 2003
1. Craving for cock.
2. Similar to alcohol shakes, but the result of eating too much meat. Cheeky!
Hey, I've got the meat shakes.
What's that, a craving for cock?
No, a result of the massive cheddar porker I had earlier.
Ooh, sounds like you might have them all week!
by CheddarPorker July 25, 2011
Fastfood chain store.
Everything they serve has meat in it!
'Don't you serve french fries and a vegetable shake?'
'It all has meat!'

Yo Pigeon John, while you're there, get us a Turkey Shake, it's my favourite!
by jimmy 5 May 13, 2004
The male form of milkshake.

See "milkshake".
My meatshake brings all the chicks to the yard, and they're like, its better than yours....
by funkmiester May 15, 2004
The shaking of a man's penis in front of some other person.
John: Hey Paul, you hungry?
Paul: Sure.
John: Well, how about a Meat Shake!
by slick hemlock September 02, 2009
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