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1) Striking two keys with one finger, leading to a typo. Usually referred to as a "case of meat paws".

2) Excessively fat or stubby fingers, leading to frequent occurrences of multiple-key typos as defined above.
Person one: I just came back from qwork.
Person two: Looks like you've got a case of meat paws.
by D.L. "Fox" Doucette September 15, 2003

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Meat Paws occurs when you are really fat, when your hands swell up till they resemble paws.
omg, did you see that girl? She had meat paws!
by rlvers March 10, 2011
Anything meddlesome. Words, opinions, actual hands. Someone with meatpaws has an opinion or certain (and only right) way of doing anything and everything and they *have* to be the ones doing it. Even things they've never seen or done before.
Uncle Herschel couldn't keep his meatpaws out of Aunt Cassie's thanksgiving dinner; that's why the turkey is stuffed with baked beans and there's cranberries in the sweet potatoes.
by CoyotesGirl December 31, 2012