(Adj) Used to describe an object or event that is particularly impressive or astounding.
Burt: Dude, did you check out my wiked ass scars?

Carl: Yeah man they were pretty meat loaf.
by Bennihanna November 09, 2006
argumentitive aunt
by funnyasfuck October 25, 2003
A hairy piece of crap made from the inner reaches of a man/woman's bowels that has been removed by using the hands in a sweeping motion.
Ryan Gorham meatloafed a fatty from his sister.
by Dirty Sanchez August 01, 2003
when u shit in a dead person's mouth and have sex with it
Harry Potter meat loafed the shit out of somebody's dead grandma that he dug up
by coach wintercock September 19, 2009
girls that arent azn, way better, ahve a better life and are cool.
meatloafs arent azns, they hate azns, they are hella hot.
by kahunahu October 09, 2003
An awesome, underrated rock band. They really know how to write great songs, and most bands don't.
Check out Paradise by The Dashboard Light, Bat out of Hell, I Would Do Anything for Love, and Couldn't Have Said it Better for some really rocking tunes.
by Rampant Teamkiller July 24, 2004
A particularly fat person.
"Hey Susan, you're a stupid meat loaf"
by Josh Byrnes August 31, 2005

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