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argumentitive aunt
by funnyasfuck October 25, 2003
3 15
A hairy piece of crap made from the inner reaches of a man/woman's bowels that has been removed by using the hands in a sweeping motion.
Ryan Gorham meatloafed a fatty from his sister.
by Dirty Sanchez August 01, 2003
4 18
when u shit in a dead person's mouth and have sex with it
Harry Potter meat loafed the shit out of somebody's dead grandma that he dug up
by coach wintercock September 19, 2009
9 25
girls that arent azn, way better, ahve a better life and are cool.
meatloafs arent azns, they hate azns, they are hella hot.
by kahunahu October 09, 2003
2 20
An awesome, underrated rock band. They really know how to write great songs, and most bands don't.
Check out Paradise by The Dashboard Light, Bat out of Hell, I Would Do Anything for Love, and Couldn't Have Said it Better for some really rocking tunes.
by Rampant Teamkiller July 24, 2004
37 73
A particularly fat person.
"Hey Susan, you're a stupid meat loaf"
by Josh Byrnes August 31, 2005
19 64