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A black girl/woman who is on her period.
That meatloaf last night was pretty amazing.
by ChristopherTheBoss December 07, 2011
A fat, uneducated, poorly groomed piece of shit that creeps around your organization looking for a free buzz. Usually a little quiet at first but unable to shut the fuck up once the conversation begins although he clearly overstepped the line. Usually with his emo buddies that wear female pants and keep their hair long so they can all sit around and braid it before they tuck each other in at night.
Guy: Who is that fat ass over there with the girl
Guy 2: oh thats Meatloaf and his emo roomate.... hopefully they wont be here much longer.
by DjpcX December 29, 2010
when a man sucks a womans toe and its hairy and nasty.
guy: dayyymmm that tastes like meat loaf
girl: omg haha
guy: i love meat loaf

audience: "pukes"
by cookie songz June 29, 2010
An infant of such a young age (less than 6 months). Generally the baby is wrapped warmly and held. This gives the baby the appearance of a meatloaf.
Krista saw Cayte holding her meatloaf at the mall.
by HawieDied? September 01, 2009
To tell a woman you love her in order to have sex, without considering in advance that she will think this means you are in a relationship (from the last verse of Paradise by the Dashboard Light)
"She'll definitely sleep wtih me if I meatloaf her, but I have too much integrity to do that. Not to mention that she might stalk me after I break up with her."
by Uncleegg May 20, 2009
meatloaf a softcore gay pornstar named Joe. He has a xxx edition dvd of the fat britsh signer meatloaf. Joe aka meatloaf starred in these movies, "Burnt meat", Stale meat, and more loaf for the meat". He is a very gay man who loves "Protein shakes" freshly squuezed from dr.faggins(his bro).
dammnnn isnt that meatloaf the softcore pornstar.
by i dunni April 04, 2005
When a man's sack gets hot and sweaty and sticks to his gouch.
DAMN!!! Its so hot I've got some major meat loaf!
by GMSniper March 21, 2006