(m) see 'meatpie'

An asian girl who think she's black. Yellow on the outside and black on the inside. She wears the typical hoop earrings, puffy bubble black or white North Face Jacket, baggy t-shirt and tight jeans. Also wears 5 inch thick shoes or girly colored sneakers. Can sometimes be seen wearing JLo, Ecko, or Triple 5 Soul.
Most likely carries a Manhattan portage or Nike drawstring bag. Or a Polo Sport hand bag.
Loves Japanese cartoons i.e. Hello Kitty
by KC February 07, 2003
To sing amazingly bad at karaoke
Did you hear Bob at the party last night? He pulled a real Meatloaf, my ears are still bleeding!!!
by aalh October 26, 2012
when a man sucks a womans toe and its hairy and nasty.
guy: dayyymmm that tastes like meat loaf
girl: omg haha
guy: i love meat loaf

audience: "pukes"
by cookie songz June 29, 2010
To tell a woman you love her in order to have sex, without considering in advance that she will think this means you are in a relationship (from the last verse of Paradise by the Dashboard Light)
"She'll definitely sleep wtih me if I meatloaf her, but I have too much integrity to do that. Not to mention that she might stalk me after I break up with her."
by Uncleegg May 20, 2009
Letting one's love muscle go to waste.

Not using the ole trouser trout.

Also can be used as name for a cock.

as in,your meatloaf burning in her hot oven.
See ya later dude,
Don't let your meatloaf....and or...burn in the oven.
by NoLove_4_BS April 21, 2009
A very flabby dick.
Girl 1: Oh my god, I found out last night that my boyfriend has a chode!
Girl 2: Yeah, well I didn't 'want to tell anybody, but I recently discovered that my boyfriend has meatloaf! Should I break up with him?
Girl 1: Ew, I totally would...
by Jensen.Alika February 12, 2009
Reffered to as the fat on a womans back. When she has on a bra, her meat loaf hangs out.
1. Girl walking by, man says to other man: If she was my girlfriend there will be no shortage of meatloaf in my house.

2. girl says to friends I can't wear that shirt, I'll look like I'm carring around meatloaf on my back
by oldcheesepuff May 26, 2007
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