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A state of increased anger as a result of high meat and/or protein shake intake.
Symptoms include dismantling cars aggressively, threatening colleges, erratic driving, total disregard for the safety of themselves and others, general un-provoked hostility towards upstanding members of the public, a 'glazed' and often distant expression in their eyes (this is generally regarded as a precursor to a meat rage attack) and spending more than 4 hours per day working out (studies show that working out can dramatically reduce the onset of meat rage for a short period of time post-workout, long periods between workouts is when a suffer is most likely to show symptoms).

People suffering from prolonged episodes of meat rage will often acquire other serious mental illnesses, such as a severely inflated ego.
Examples of meat rage can be found in most places of work, additionally any film starring Jean Claude Van Damme.
by BeefSteve April 11, 2011