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Someone who stares at your meat while using the urinal next to you.
He Joe that fag over there was meat gazing while I was taking a piss.
by RaiderNation December 06, 2007
to watch or stare at male body parts, particularly the genital area.
guy: all of those girls were meat gazing in hollister today.
girlfriend: bitches
by hepnerd March 29, 2010
The act of looking at a mans package. Staring at a mans penis.
I was taking a piss in the bathroom and caught a guy meat gazing. Stop meat gazing you fn homo.
by Luckylon April 29, 2011
to check out (hot) dudes.
All you girls were doing the entire night was meat gazing on myspace, squealing "OMG its HIIM!!" every five minutes.
by m34t 94z3 February 02, 2008
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