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A Meat Creeper: When a guy runs his hand up the leg of what he thought was a girl, it's what creeps down to meet him half way.
Dude#1: Had a scary encounter with that chick after the party the other night.

Dude#2: What, the really tall one with the big hands?

Dude#1: Yeah, wound up back on her couch and was about to do the deed when I made a nasty discovery.

Dude#2: Oh no, she had a Meat Creeper?!!!
by shakerrr March 03, 2011
Meat Creeper: What a guy encounters when he slides his hand up the leg of what he previously thought was a woman.
Dude, I had the scare of my life with that chick from the party last night.

The unusually tall one?

Yeah, she wasn't what I thought.

What, you had a rendezvous with the Meat Creeper?
by shakerrr February 27, 2011

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