Top Definition
A person who is a bully and talks about people because their insecure about their Giant Ass Blublery Selves.
Meanie Butt moo moo cow: Your a fag

Person who is fag :Well your a Meany Butt Moo Moo Cow

Meanie butt moo moo cow: NOOOOO!!! *starts to cry*
#meanie #butt #moo #fatass #cow
by TattertotPandah March 28, 2010
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Someone who has hurt your feelings and you are want to get back at their fatt ass
fatt ass: your ugly
You: look at yourself meany butt moo moo cow
#fatt ass #bullys #name calling #meanies #cows
by x3 Amannnda May 09, 2006
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