a service for seniors that 14 year old robert aka BLONDIE recieves
hey blondie meals on wheels is here baby!
by merry anne January 22, 2005
Top Definition
The role reversal of Road Dome. In other words, it is the act of a male passenger performing cunnilingus on a female driver.
Johnny's car was broken down, so I had to drive...it's okay though, he gave me the best meals on wheels ever!
by William Houghton Ziletti April 12, 2009
Man, I've got to get to the bathroom fast! That food I ate was so bad I've got meals on wheels.
by Fast Track February 23, 2014
The act of sucking off a guy in a wheelchair.
Sorry I'm late, I just had meals on wheels.
by bewigged July 31, 2015
The act of doing 69 when one of the participants is confined to a wheel chair.
I met this hot paraplegic and we had some meals on wheels, needless to say I woke up with a bad taste in my mouth.
by WeipingLim August 11, 2007
A police officer (piggy) who rides a bike and annoys the fuck out of kids at skateparks because he has either finished all his donoughts and has no "black males" to go bother or he wants to flash his authority around to a bunch of people who will hate him otherwise.
Random hardcore kid-A :woah,you cleared the whole box man * devil horns*
Meals on wheels:i dont want any gang violence, keep the gang signs at home*turns around leaves smirking*
Random hardcore kid-B:*raises middle finger* fuck you meals on wheels!
by Jay & Corey August 01, 2007
A fat person (male or female) who is riding in a car, on a bike, or in any other vehicle.
There goes that Meals on Wheels Norma Jean - in her cadillac.
by Parker June 14, 2003
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