Sweetest girl you will ever meet. has a heart of gold! many friends and is honestly drop dead gorgeous! with such a bubbly personality, many girls try to be just like her... but only Meah can fulfill her character. a truly loving down to earth girl, who is friends with everyone and anyone. A girl everyone wants to be! with a rocking body and a big bootyy!! she has a perfect figure and is a beautiful blonde! She has guys all over her, but she doesn't want any other guy than her first true love. Meah is very spirited! Cheerleading is what she does best!
Boy: Who got a big butt?
Meah got a big butt!!
by JennaMason November 23, 2010
Top Definition

A statement of ambivalence or lack of concern.
A: Yo, test in Kelly's class tomorrow.
B: Meah.

A: That freshman is pretty hot.
B: Meah.
by a-rice November 12, 2006
who cares, whatever
wanna go to the mall?
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
One of the kindest people you will ever meet. Never utters anything negative about other people. Is generally beautiful.
See Meah over there? She's an easy person to get along with.
by Fashnizzy June 04, 2011
A unique way of spelling the name 'Mia'. Normally pronouced the same.
Person: Hi Meah! Hows life?
Meah: Life is good.
by Listenstogreatmusic November 12, 2010
The answer to any type of question. Usually said in a lower tone of voice.
"What are you doing today?"
by XsilentXmartyrX July 14, 2005
A word of many possibility's. Verb, adj,noun etc. A gesture of your vocal chords that can produce a sigh of happiness, question, displeasure, or neutrality.
I'm going to the store right meah.
What are you meahing about now meah?
by David Greiner April 07, 2005
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