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1. An exsesively small pygmy human who hails from the rural lands of mexico.
2. A very impressive mexican hat dancer
3. A BAMF on short legs
4. Where the beefs at
5. The greatest closet dwelling mammal, a close relative of the House Hippo
6. Another name for a hump back whale
7. The best friend on short legs anyone could ask for :)
1. Man did you see that Meaghs hop the border

2. That Mexican hat dancer is a total Meaghs
3. wow I totally just did a B&E with the eXtreme Meaghs
4. person 1: where's the ground beef

person 2: in the Meaghs, get cooking !
5. I Have a flippin Meaghs in my closet!
6. It's the Meaghs migration season
7. God we are so lucky we have a Meaghs~!
by Downs-Chan&UMH July 05, 2009
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