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a person whose parents didnt know how to spell it right
Oh my god you spell your name like meaghan? thats soo weird
by yoshi hana February 27, 2011
an irritating, obnoxious female usually brainless when it comes to boys. most likely blonde and dumb as wet paint on a park bench.
her name is Meaghan
by PutItInYourPants12345 August 02, 2011
A slang term for the placenta that comes out of a woman after giving birth through her vagina. Also known as "after-birth."
Sally: "Did you get to watch Alice give birth, Suzy? It was so amazing!"
Suzy: "I sure did! The miracle of life is so beautiful, it brings a tear to my eye!"
Sam: "I don't get what you bitches are talking about. The meaghan that followed all the blood and guts was so disgusting, I threw up all over myself."
by Salt & Vinegar February 24, 2009
A girl who is totally into herself when she clearly shouldn't be.
A girl who decides to wear fake eyelashes and dye her eyebrows because she doesn't have any.
A girl whos hair looks like she wears wigs.
A girl whos nose resembles one of squidward from Spongebob.
A girl who hooks up with minimum 6 guys at once.
A girl who throws fruit punch on a guy's car just because he doesn't have an interest in her.
A bitch.
Guy #1:Oh i tapped that last night!
Guy #2:Who, Meaghan?
Guy #1:Yeah.
Guy #2:Did you use the paperbag technique?
Guy #1:Well obviously I had to, Look at the Bitch!
by Anonymousssssssssssness December 14, 2006