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An area in Sacramento that is known to be crime ridden and dangerous. Most recently Meadowview has exploded with murders and robberies that rival Oak Park. Located in Sacramento's south area, it is in the "deep south" region. Sacramento PD has stationed many more police in Meadowview due to the recent crime sprawl.
I'll hop on the light rail and meet you in Meadowview.
by Youngin187 November 30, 2006
South Sac neighborhood that gets a bad rap. I live off of Meadowview and 19th and don't think the neighborhood is as bad as some people like to believe. Does it have crime? Yes. Have I or my family been the victim of crime? Yes. Is it worse than the other places I have lived? Yes and no. Definitely worse than San Jose, but not worse than SF.
Oak Park Resident: Let's go to my house and kick it.

Meadowview Resident: Fuck that, let's go to my house, your hood is all fucked up.
by Mr NaPa February 12, 2010
A hood in south sacramento near the pocket area m-game or no game 69 hunnitz
a blood were you from meadowview 6900
by matt holmes October 22, 2007
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