Not quite cold, somewhere in between. Colder than lukewarm
My feet are so Mclean right about now.
by ilovegert March 26, 2008
Top Definition
An amazing person who most people love to be around
A funny, nice, kind, beautiful person

They can hurt you but you know they are better than that so you want them back... they feel bad for hurting you and never understand why you forgive them

They are usually hyper and crazy people and love to stay up all night

They annoy you but in the end it turns out to be the best day in the end
by urbandailyguy November 26, 2011
The hardest weightlifting maneuver known to man only performed my mclean himself
jesse: show me how to perform the M-clean
Matt: only i can do the m-clean
Brandon: mcleans the shit
by Alec Macdonald April 16, 2007
One who is facially well endowed. Sexual prowess is lacking. Passion is intense. Love for cantelope is apparent.
That guy is a real mclean.
by Drewthejew December 01, 2007
A person who is obsessed with Halo 3
Rudy is a McLean, if his halo breaks he will kill himself
by ozzman69 April 06, 2009
The most boring town in New York state. All the kids that live here know it for what used to be the annual carnival, Dryden school district and the trashy trailer park kids. The town is known for a murder that was committed against two teenage girls in the 90's. And our town drunk George. Home to rednecks and hill billies. We have lawn mower races and the prettiest cow girls ever.
Where you from man?

Dude I'm from McLean.
by EngelVanDromen May 02, 2009
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