A Irish-Italian man or Any person with Irish and Italian heritage. Easy to spot in night clubs and seedy places, usually wearing a flashy shirt. Reminds you of eating fast food because it looks good but has no flavor or substance and is soaked in grease. May be sleeping with your sister.
"Hey McWhopper! keepa your hands offa my friggin' girl!"

"That Patrick Lagosa, dancing all over the place like some kinda chach....what a McWhopper!
by TP Porkchop June 17, 2008
Top Definition
1.A term referring to people of mixed italian and irish descent such as good ol' Robert DeNiro.
2. New hamburger when McDonald's and Burger King merge.
That guy is drinking Guiness with his spaghetti. He must be a McWhopper.
by Stomp Train October 12, 2007
The act of taking a McDouble and a Jr. Whopper and combining them, which has become a huge sensation amongst stoners everywhere. Not to be confused with the McDank, which is a combo of a McChicken and a McDouble.
*At a McDonalds drive through*
Drive through lady: A Whopper? Go across the street you dirty hippy!
by Desertshrub June 21, 2010
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