The chicken nuggets that are served at McDonalds. Everyone says that it's unhealthy and not even chicken but who cares because it's delicious and cheap so...
Since I'm sick and tired of eating Ramen noodles, I went off campus to go get some McNuggets.
#food #mcdonalds #chicken #nuggets #yummy
by Sqyd April 27, 2014
a "food" made by the evil corporation McDonalds made of floor sweepings and other unknown substances(possible traces of chicken)
person who just ate a mcnugget: damn thats nasty wats in this floor sweepings
#dirt #chicken #mcdonalds #nasty #crap
by burgerking2 June 27, 2006
Mystifying piece of chicken. Shaped like an oval. Humbling to the greatest man.
The significance of the 'Mc' in the word 'McNugget' was inscribed on a stone slab. The stone slab is believed to be hanging on the wall in some yellow-belly's house.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 28, 2003
A type of food served at McDonalds that is made out of an Irish Chicken. It is common to get a hangover after eating too many McNuggets due to the high alcohol content.
I shouldn't have eaten all of those McNuggets, I'm as drunk as a skunk!
#mcnugget #mcnuggets #mcdonalds #nugget #chicken #irish #drunk
by King Bologna May 16, 2009
A substitution for ANY measurement of time. Can be used as a good way to agitate your friends.
1) I am 20 McNuggets old.

2) Damn Mario, you need to eat more fiber man. You were in the bathroom for a good 20 McNuggets.

3)#1- Hey Vince, how long did you put that popcorn in the microwave for?
#2- About 20 McNuggets.
#1- ha... ha... ha... your a childish son of a bitch
#2- Yeah...
#1- No seriously, I can see smoke.
#seconds #minutes #hours #years #millenniums
by H2zZ November 29, 2005
the name for the testicles in irishmen because irishmen are mcs they get hit in the mcnuggets
yo i took that bitch through the mcdonalds drive thru and she order my mcnuggets.

yo that motherfucker hit me in my mcnuggets
#balls #testicles #cock #nuggets #mc
by yourboy Q March 03, 2009
A dude that has smoked too many drugs that he become a metal case, or someone who has said something really stupid and you have to say something thats not a swear
a) wow... "Acid Mike" has really lost his McNugget's

b) wtf did you just say you McNugget
#stoner #burnout #idiot #moron #clueless
by stricky August 31, 2007
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