Pretty much what graduates of the class of 2003 are going to have to settle for.
Man, my mcjob at that fast food joint is taking me nowhere, but I can't find anything better.
by quamp July 21, 2003
A job that is low paying, and a low talent job... See Micker
Mcdonalds has mcjobs.
by cartman5000 July 29, 2004
When you get oral sex from a clown.
oh yeah, keep doing it like that! Please suck harder! oooh yeah! ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my God! That was a great mcjob, Ronald!
by Erik3k March 24, 2007
a mc job is any job that is very poor quality and with minimum wage.
it is called a mc job as mc donalds is a very poor quality place to work and has minimum wage.
mc job can be referd to many jobs not just mcdonalds, like toilet cleaning, rubbish collection and any thing that you have to touch shit (like mc donalds)
"Devo have left school and got a mc job"
"haha he got mc pwned"
by billy bob frog May 30, 2007
description of a shitty unskilled job. The name refers to the buiness of mcdonalds, and usually is intended to mean shitty unskilled job at a fast food restorant.
"I worked that mcjob for 2 years, never got laid eather."
by Nick H. November 25, 2003
A low end, shitty job in the fast food or retail sector. These jobs may include janitor, fast food worker, (below management) retail sales clerk, etc... They all pay way below living wages (and I mean way below!). No one could call these jobs a McCareer because there is no career in these jobs. These jobs are typically dead end jobs. Some people are promoted to a management level, but that is the exception rather than the norm. The only people who make a living wage there are managers, but even they are very poor. They barely get by, and they have to put in many hours of work. In a sense managers just have "Semi-McJobs" as I call it. These jobs often include little to no benefits as the corporations care very little about the employees. Unfortunately unethical treatment of the employees often goes unnoticed. It is also a shame that people are arrogant enough to assume that McJob workers are stupid, and that is why they are there. The only reason people work these jobs is for money. Plus these jobs are often temporary. They are good for pocket money and nothing else. Luckily most people do get better than having to work McJobs their whole lives because McJobs fucking suck! There is no shame in working a McJob, but one would have to be crazy to make that a career.
McJob Worker: Just give me until my first two years of college are up, and then maybe I can hopefully advance in something other than some shitty McJob!
by Young and Sexy October 17, 2008
pays you less than you're worth but just enough to keep you crawling back
i got fired from my mcjob yesterday
by ina November 25, 2003
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