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The surname of a family deeply rooted in " back the frick off 'fore I kill you". Usually hot headed ( thats what she said) ill tempered and irritable. Warning: prolonged exposure results in shortening of longevity.
Person 1: Hey, who that is?
Person 2: Aww shit, its a McGehee.
Person 1: Whats so bad about him?
Person 2: He gonna kill us!
Person 1: Man, you full of it
Person 2: ( falls dead)
by JRMc March 19, 2009
A rare last name with an Irish origin, most likely originated from the "McKay" clan. Usually these calm, nice, sometimes obstinate people have a bold way of living, and usually act a little bossy because they feel they're always in control. Often they like to be individual, because working with others leads to the McGehee forcing the other person to cooperate. They do, however, act very sweet and know when they have gone too far. They are very compassionate and are friendly, and a lot of people love them.
My friend's last name is McGehee.

OMG Mine too!

Yeah, he's nice.

So is my friend. Sometimes he gets stubborn though.

Yeah, but mine also acts really sweet!
by BuzzerBee June 14, 2011
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