pretty much the best band on the face of the earth. whose fanbase consists of teenagers to younger kids to, older people who enjoy the remakes of older songs, and the collaboration of classic rock with new voice. They are four amazingly hot and talented guys who know how to make music.

Danny Alan David Jones-lead guitar and vocals. he has brown hair that used to be straightened, but is now is left naturally curly. he has blue eyes and freckles. his hometown is bolton, and he loves the who. he is also the biggeset fan of 'the boss', bruce springsteen.

Dougie Lee Poynter- bass guitar and backup vocals, and some solo songs like the ones he has written, transylvania, and ignorance. he currently has dirty blondish hair. he loves and is inspried by blink 182. he has numerous sparkly light up basses and bright blue eyes. one of his favorite brands is etnies, and he is the youngest of the group.(20)

Tom Michael Fletcher- rythm guitar and vocals. he normally has bleach blond hair. he has brown eyes. like dougie, he likes to wear long socks with long shorts. he has one distinct dimple on his left cheek. his car is a light blue mini cooper s. he loves the beach boys, the beatles, and green day.

Harry Mark Christopher Judd- drummer. he has brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. he's the only guy in the world that can pull off a mullet with no effort. he's very good at cricket and is the oldest of the band.

Now, not only are these four guys incredibly hot, theyr also incredibly talented. for every person who claims that they mime playing guitars, your very very wrong. they hav never mimed guitar playing ever since they started the career. at first, i actually did think that they ddnt play for real, because all of ther performances ddnt sound out of time or out of key, and most bands, even ones i like, happen to suck live. but them...they proved me wrong, i found out that they never mime guitar playing, which rele impressed me that they can sound so perfect all the time. also people say that they are copying busted. the thing is, charlie simpson of busted went to the same school, as Harry Judd from mcfly. as well as, matt willis and tom fletcher both attending sylvia young theatre school. on top of all this, tom tried out for busted and ddnt make it, but became very close friends with james elliot bourne. james has helped him, and to this day, still does, and did with mcfly's new album coming out july 14th. he helps write songs and find melodies. so in a sense, and mcfly has admitted to it, busted definately helped start them off on their big breakthrough by letting mcfly tour with them at the peak of their own career. sure the music they made may seem similar in a sense, but still will never be the same. all in all, mcfly are extremely amazing, and unless you dont like them because u dont enjoy ther music, you hate them because your jealous.. and thats completely believable :]
They got their name from Marty Mcfly of back to the future.
by Dilara x Mcfly June 12, 2008
Top Definition
A band, yes, a BAND. And in my opinion, they ARE talented, and they play GOOD music. No, they are NOT punk or emo. They are simply POP. To the closeminded freaks who say people should listen to "good" music, shut your mouth and keep the hate to yourselves. McFly is a good band, whether you like them or not!
Someone who likes only one's music...
Closedminded freak: OMG!!! I H8 MCFLY!!! I LYKE LUVV MY MUSIC ONLII LYKE OMGG!!!
Me: Shut up.

Someone who doesn't like McFly but respects people's opinions...
Openminded person: I don't like McFly but it's your opinion if you like them.
Me: :)
by SolitaryxChild May 17, 2006
A band that absolutely rule and have done nothing to deserve the disgusting remarks some of the people have been saying.
People who make disgusting comments against them are just insanely jealous of McFly's talent.
McFly are brilliant! And Tom is really fit.
by Thorn Clitfon September 11, 2005
An awesome band who play they're own instruments && write their own songs.

It really pisses me off how much they are compared && called 'baby busted'

I also hate it when people say that McFly are pretending to be rock.


Since when have McFly ever claimed they were rock?
NEVER. So people should get their facts right before jumping in and fucking hating on them.


I love Douglas Poynter =]
Just plain awesome!
by xEmo_Starx August 08, 2005
Taken from the hit Movie Back To The Future, used to context to indicate someone has made a poorly thought out decision lacking in judgement and basic common sense. SAid in a sarcastic tone of voice.
"Hello, McFly?" - followed by a rapping on head gesture when someone asks an obvious question.
by Steinfiend September 19, 2003
I don't know about you guys, but I love mcfly.
They have never claimed to be a rock band, so I have no idea what you dudes are talking about, so take my advice...go find some friends.
Oh My Gosh, its mcfly <3
by Dougie Poynter is thee schecks <3 November 26, 2005
One of the best boy bandish bands in the UK. Sure they may play pop music but they do play their own instruments and write their own music. Stop dissing them.
McFly?! Oh you mean that great band!! Yeah, they're great.
by Kaley C May 31, 2005
the best british boy band ever, that some people dont appreciate because their taste in music is lacking so much they only know stupid bands that think they rule the world. Don't listen to the person who said that, how come mcfly filled 20 arenas after only their first single was released? People who like mcfly will go far as they are such a good british boyband
Stupid person: mcfly are so rubbish.
Editor of pop magazine, or a smart person: They're really cool, everyone likes them. You obviously like stupid music, like a stupid person. I for one, love mcfly, as do all of my co-workers.
by Rkelly February 22, 2006

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