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A more minor permutation of Asperger syndrome found on the milder side of the autism spectrum, McEachern's Syndrome is characterized by abnormalities and/or cluelessness in social interactions, specifically regarding electronic mediums. McEachern's can often be identified by reoccurring awkward or inappropriate text messages, instant messages, or emails that are characteristically unfiltered or uncensored. Messages can be forward or direct, often disarmingly so. McEachern's syndrome is often severely exacerbated by drugs or alcohol that cause retardation of social filters. Because of it's mild nature, McEachern's can often go unnoticed or undiagnosed for years, displaying itself in fits or outbursts that can seem uncharacteristic.
Girl: "He texted what last night?! He must have McEachern's Syndrome, or he would not of sent that."
by antwerd July 31, 2011
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