Epic captain of the vessel "The Reflection"
Often famous for voyaging across the seven seas and being the finder of the Termicrocasnakeagatornadar. Which is
1/5 terminator
1/5 crocodile
1/5 snake
1/5 gator
2/3 Ralph Nadar
an extremely rare mythological creasture consisting of improper fractions.
McCue was said to have slain the mythological creature with a harpoon.
by MicQ February 25, 2009
Someone who enjoys buttsex with farm animals. People tend to avoid McCues
That McCue did what with a horse?
by thatguyfromthatmoviethattime October 02, 2013
Someone who masturbates frequently and at improper times. Usually homo erotic.
"Did you see Michael? He such a mccue."
by Aliaune June 05, 2007

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