a Mc Chubble is the combination of a double burger and a chicken burger purchasable on the McDonalds dollar menu. The double burger is split down the middle with one meat patty on each bun. The chicken burger is then inserted in the middle thus creating a Mc Chubble.
Dan: what is that?
Taylor: Its the greatest burger at McDonalds for only two bucks!
Dan: whats it called?
Taylor: The Mc Chubble.
by jcisblindpimp March 16, 2011
Top Definition
A cheap and delicious combination of the McDonald's McDouble and McChicken, in which the customer orders the items separately, splits the McDouble in half, and places the McChicken in between the two halves, effectively creating a "sandwich within a sandwich." As both items are on the Dollar Menu, the entire concoction costs a mere 2 dollars.
I rarely go to McDonald's, but when I do, I get a McChubble.
by dennis_the_menace April 29, 2010
Bun, Meat, Cheese, Bun, Chicken, Lettuce, Mayo, Bun, Meat, Cheese, Bun. Derived from McDonald's dollar menu. Take a double cheeseburger, split it at the patties, and place entire McChicken in the middle, including buns. Proceed to stuff down to pipe.
In no circumstances should a McChubble be eaten faster than amount of money in minutes it takes to buy.
by McChuck November 05, 2007
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