See (George W Bush)
Dammit, McCain Screwed us over again.
by PsuedoNam November 04, 2008
v. to step out in front of a camera, knowing or not knowing the camera is there. This is similar to 2008 presidential candidate John McCain's actions during the second presidential debate.
"Josh, please don't McCain this picture again."

"OMG, Ashley just totally McCained our group picture!"
by Senor Burns October 14, 2008
an old fucker that just lost to obama
mccain sucks
by fuckmccain obama08 October 30, 2008
When someone tells a lie like a politician would.
I told her I couldn't see her again tonight because I had to go to Washington to deal with the US Financial bailout.

Oh you McCained her.

Yeah, I McCained her.
by Sir Whackalot September 25, 2008
as in Arizona Senator John McCain, is someone who is adamantly, vehemently, racist.
me: I can't even talk to him. He is too much of a McCain
my friend: Yea, I hate that. I can't listen to that racist bull shite.
by JGuy The Great! March 19, 2011
Since Mccain is 72, the word "Mccain" Is implying that something is old.
"Yo man! That book is so Mccain"
by AWEIL October 27, 2008
friends, can someone please count the number of times the word friends was used?
mccain's apalin campaign
by vilignoble March 12, 2011

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