A boy that is bad for you but yet you keep going back to him, because he is so good. (Im lovin' it)
My mcboy friend is so hot my husband would be pissed.
by MC JOEY II January 06, 2011
Guys that lonely girls, or often girls with low opinions of themselves (see also; GWLSE) pick up and go out with.

Like a McDonald's take away - it's fast, it's easy, it's cheap, convenient, and it's DIRTY. (And more often than not it's something they end up with after a night of hard drinking).

The McBoyfriends are usually ugly or plain, or have no outstanding features or personality - or sometimes no personality at all. The McBoyfriend is a tool.
'Oh yeah, I saw her last night. She was with her latest McBoyfriend.'
by Dirty Scarlet January 29, 2010

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