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A girl so amazing. She brings a smile to your face even if your mad, sad or upset. She may be a little bitchy sometimes, be shes always amazing, inside and out. Shes very beautiful and has a very kind heart. Helps others before herself. She might say shes ugly, stupid and fat. But shes not. Shes very beautiful, pretty and the most amazing girlfriend ever. Guys would love her. But maybe not as much i do. Guys would be lucky to have her. If you ever find a Mazzy Blue Rain Clapp. Never lose her. Never let her go, like i did </3. Guys, she doesn't love to be treated like shit. She doesn't want any guy to go in her pants. She silly and funny, and the greatest friend you will ever have. Trust me, shes worth everything. She will love you with all her heart and loves it when you love her back. Don't ever lose a Mazzy. EVER!! Because, you will regret it afterwords </3. Shes the most Greatest girlfriend, you will ever have in your whole life. Don't ever let go of her. Like i did. </3 :'(
Mazzy Blue Rain Clapp, I Love You <3
by Ricky G. Ayala July 11, 2013