1. Down syndrome
2. AIDs
3. A crunk ass nigga
4. Benny Urine
5. Rabies
The kid stepped on a dead squirrel and it squished under his shoe, and now he is all mayson.
by crashdown December 16, 2003
Top Definition
A definite life liver. She makes the most of everything she does and looks good doing it. Not only is this girl stunning, she has a personality to match. When people meet her they remember her forever because she is like no one they have ever met before. People have a hard time not starring at her because she is such a gem.

She knows how to handle situations right and is someone you want as a sister. Most girls don't like her because they are incredibly jeleous of her perfectness. However, boys love this girl because she really is one in a million.
The Mayson entered the room
Girl: "Wow, who does that bitch think she is?"
Boy: "Pinch me. My future wife has entered the room."
by Jack Sertome January 09, 2011
A Mayson is a guy that is so sexually hot, he is known to be a chick magnet. However this means he is a player with the best looks ever known, and shows Mayson's likes girls a lot.
Is that a Mayson

Girl: yes hes really hot
Boy: damn i wish i could be a Mayson
by Mace665 May 08, 2011
The bunkest of bunk ass Gohan lookin wannabe Fabio minus the muscles the booty and the cuties. Still a fly fashionable fellow.
When P-diddy was still puffy he was a true Mayson
by marry marry December 18, 2003
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