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A man who is really good at fucking is known as the mayor of poundtown. It is also a way to brag to your friends about fucking a chick.
I'm so good at fucking I should be the mayor of poundtown

I took that chick back to my place and am now the mayor of poundtown
by pigpen102 December 11, 2010
When a bro and a bra head down to Pound Town together, whoever takes charge in the bedroom (or anywhere Pound Town is that night) is elected to be the Mayor of Pound Town. This move also reduces the other party to a Slam Piece, aka someone who has been reduced to an object because the Mayor has completely overpowered them.
"Bro! Did you bag that slam piece at the bar and take her straight to Pound Town?"

"We went to Pound Town, alright. But she took charge and got elected Mayor of Pound Town. Last night, I was the slam piece, bro."

"Oh snap!"
by MetslashCalfe October 17, 2011

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