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1. Drummer in the Max Weinberg 7 along with such notable characters like La Bamba.
2. See "God"
"I Love Max Weinberg's serious face stare with dream would be for a whole show of late night to be just Conan and Max staring eachother down"
by Dave Henney July 23, 2004
76 12
1. A pedophile. He lures young jewish girls into his clutches with his amazing drumming and then plays bongos on their ass.

2. A cool guy.
Man, I wish I had the ultra-cool pimp aura of Max Weinberg! He's the white jewish Shaft!
by awkward silence August 29, 2004
48 13
1)one of the coolest drummers ever, for the Max weinberg 7
Max Weinberg plays very well
by Stephanie April 13, 2004
55 20
-A nickname to anyone that has a dull (yet profound) stare.
Perhaps the most lovely Jewish man on Television.
-See pimpdaddy
Max Weinberg could kick your ass with his drum sticks.
by Amy Marie May 03, 2005
24 10
Best drummer to ever live. also very cute
Dude: have you ever see Max play?
Chic: oh yes, he is dead fine!
by Cassie October 17, 2003
19 8