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A modern and colloquial term for someone who is exceedingly cool.

It is believed that the "cat" portion of its etymology stems from the now douche associated term-"cool-cat." The "Mav" prefix of the word reresents an avante-garde, legitimate, and somewhat mysterious title of "cool." The term is reserved for only the most exclusive of occasions and settings.

Note: While the overwheming majority of mavcats are men, women can necessitate use of the word on rare occasions.
Lame-Guy 1:There's so many cool people at this party!
Lame-Guy 2: I know, right? I feel cooler already.
Lame-Guy 1: Who's that guy with the three-piece suit in the corner? Should we talk to him?
Lame-Guy 2: No way, I don't feel that cool. He's a total mavcat.
by rainbow_kitten July 07, 2011
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