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Beast Mode. The best player in the MLB. #27 for the Dodgers and the sexiest man alive. He is the sweetest guy you can ever ask for. He jokes around alot and is the best guy you could ask for. If you don't like him you are crazy!
A:That was Beast Mode!
B:What did Matt Kemp do!?
A: Hit a walk off grand slam!
by dodgerlover23 October 26, 2011
Center fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. As of 2012, he has the largest contract of any National League player in the history of the game at 160 million dollars. A real down to earth guy who works hard and has fun on the field. Wears number 27.
Dodger fan 1: I am so glad the Dodgers signed Matt Kemp to such a long deal!
Dodger fan 2: Matt Kemp = Beast
by Dodgerfan27 February 10, 2012
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