See Matrix...
Then add steroids, screw character development, but keep the actor who's catch phrase happens to be, "Yeah..." or "All right..."
The Matrix Reloaded was bad-ass! I took a piss in the middle and didn't miss anything but repetative fight sequences!
by HanpanX May 19, 2003
Top Definition
1. a bad ass film which normally lame Keanu Reeves kicks some major ass.
2. A film in which you find out Zion and the "real world" is just another matrix outside the internal matrix and that everyone is still in pods under the machines control.
3. Bad ass special effects
Opps, did I just spoil the Matric Reloaded?
by Bud E Love May 16, 2003
Sequel that sucked by killing all significane of the first one. the special effects and agent smith are what made the movie worthwile.
by sleepisbetter June 12, 2003
Liam was a panda named Neo. He lived in a Matrix. P.O.D rads my magazine "Kill Liam".org, hello!
P.O.D oscillates my satanic beverage (coke)
by Liam D August 24, 2003
inserting the penis in the vagina and the anus repeatedly during a session of sexual intercourse.
I gave her a Matrix Reloaded when i pounded her pink and her stink.
by reed January 23, 2004
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