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Mathew Stevens:
Mathew is the greatest guy I know. His past my be really fucked up but he turned out just fine. He has two little brothers and two little sisters that he often takes care of. Although he wont admit it he loves them with all his heart. He has a beautiful girlfriend that he manages a long distance relationship with, and a loving group of friends called 'The Farmers'. Although again he wont admit it,his closest friends in that group are Samantha and Angie. He has the prettiest blue eyes and hair that grows like a weed. It curls up on the back of his neck and behind his ears in a really cute way. But be warned: If you call him cute, he will shank you. Hes extremely tall and ridiculously skinny and lanky. He has a foul mouth,but in a really lovable way. Hes really depressed right now, but with time and help from The Farmers, that can all be fixed. Mathew is a really lovable (and heavily loved) guy, even though he probably doesnt realize it. Mathew will always make you laugh or feel better, and his hugs are very warm and comforting. I hope you get to meet this amazing guy.
Samantha: Hey did you see Mathew Stevens the other day?
Angie: Yeah didnt you?
Samantha: No, hes your boyfriend and you were on a date that would be weird...
Angie: Oh yeah...
by SISK666sam October 26, 2013

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