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A person who loves math, and enjoys doing hard math problems for fun or for challenging him or herself. Sometimes if a person in Math Class in school that is a math nerd, may say for a assignment, "Math Rocks!" and the other people say "shut up nerd!", "Math sucks bum!", "Nerd!"
James: "Math Rocks"
Student 1: "Nerd"!
Student 2: "Bum!"
Student 3: "Math sucks nerd!"
Stduent 4: "You are retarded!"
Student 5: "Math sucks!"
James: "You guys only think math sucks cause you can't do a simple math problem!"
Student 3: "No, we just don't wanna do math problems and do other crappy stuff! We have lifes you know!"
Student 3: "Your a Math Nerd!"
by ...X...X...X...X...X March 04, 2009

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