The name of a godess that should have been placed into her own fairytale. it would have went a little something like this.

Once upon a time, there was a child called Mateisha she was the most precious girl you had ever laid eyes on. light brown eyes, dark majestic flowing hair, cute eyelashes stunning smile. she was born to be a singer. just didnt know it yet. 20 years later she was married to a dashing sexy stud of a guy handsome.they were so cute together. they moved country and made money through helping children and she sang people back to life.WOW which gave immortality. she had 600 babies because he could not keep his hands off her. THE END

great story huh?

Mateisha is kind natured and adorable.
dayum that girl has brown eyes she must be mateisha
by lushywushy October 24, 2012
Top Definition
Finds happiness in giving even at those times when she cant actually afford to give. The type of girl who wears a smile like its an everyday accessory. She puts on a cover despite how hurt she could be feeling just so people don't feel awkward around her She'd rather make people happy nevermind the fact that she might be feeling like crap. Has the biggest heart, don't hold back from going to Mateisha and asking her for advise, you'd be amazed at how knowledge filled this girl can be, at times she might seem like this crazy bubbly girl but behind all the fun and games she has words of wisdom and encouragement boxed up ready to be given and received free of charge. Has gone through turmoil grounds countless times yet remains stronger then the situations have tried to make her be. Stands her ground for the ones she loves and no matter how many times she gets run over by the ones closest, she loves them all the more. Incapable of taking compliments, in one ear and out the other, so throw them at the girl until she realizes how much of a gift she is. Has had her share of mistakes but don't judge her for what you knew,infact judge her and your judging the one person who will never EVER look down on you for anything you're done/doing wrong. Holds a little swag,do's it like a dude, walks it like a bratha, cranks it like a souljah boy, but treat her any less then a woman, caps you like a BOSS. Very very very STUBBORN. her definiton is endless i dare you
Mateisha is so fly right now

Have you got a Mateisha?
by busttamove August 02, 2012
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