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A high school where if your part of the band, you get anything you want due to the principal being a band nerd. There are hardly ever fights and if there is the hallways are so small soo you have no luck of seeing it. And if your interested in eating lunch outside a seagull just might shit on your lunch or steal your food. And EVERY teacher blames your bad grades on you, but in reality its because they most likely got there teaching degree at DSC and have no clue what they're doing. We may be little Palm Coast (Heavens Waiting Room) but we still have the highest STD rate in Florida. And where if your looking for a good snack or non diet drink, your going to be SOL in the vending machines, cause our school wants to make sure no one gets fat by putting diet everything, and rasins in the vending machines. And also a place where you find out every single day in homeroom that, you should.....
make it a great day or not....the choice is yours.
As a Matanzas High School student if your not at the beach every day, or getting high, every one will soon find out that you go to Teal Sound Camps
by boredkidsofPC March 29, 2011

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