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When someone inhales a large quantity of marijuana smoke (typically via a bong or a pipe) and proceeds to masturbate while holding in the smoke. The smoke may only be exhaled after the individual has brought themselves to orgasm. The act of masturbation elevates the heart rate, thus increasing the amount of THC absorbed by the lungs into the bloodstream.
Scotty: I'm not ready for my math final and it's stressing me out.
Evan: Why don't you masturhit out of your new bong?
Scotty: Damn dude! That's a great idea! I can't think of a better way to chill out.


Jane: Why don't we fuck as much as we used to?
John: I'd rather be masturhitting; it only takes me like 30 seconds and I can get super high from just one hit. Plus, when I'm high, it's easier to put up with your whiny bullshit.
by Spumonskis & Brocco May 16, 2011