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Also known as masterwhineass, masterdouchetard, or aarondelo. An egotistical, self loving (because that's obviously the ONLY kind he gets...) reject who preys on those who give him the truth.
A skinny, pale, creature resembling a sloth. He's got a youtube channel....Don't bother with it, you will only die laughing...
Claims self to be sexy, yet obviously has major confidence issues...This is not a slam, this is a FACT.
Claims to be a hacker, but still has yet to prove it. Throws the term XerXeS around an awful lot...

Also a word used to describe a chatter who is whiney, in love with one's self, or a dramaqueen.
Best to avoid all together....
Dude, Mastermine is so easy to troll...

Oh my GAWD, you're not seriously going to pul a Mastermine on us, are you???

by IfOnlyYouKnewhahaha August 29, 2011
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