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1. Masturbation virginity. To have never masturbated. To have maintained a state of non-masturbation since birth. Once one masturbates (for the 1st time), he/she is no longer a virgin of masturbating, and is said to have lost his/her masterbirginity. Once one masturbates he/she will quickly become a master at it, thus it is spelled m-a-s-t-E-r (instead of m-a-s-t-u-r).

2. An alternate meaning and perhaps the more common understanding of masterbirginity has been assumed by the initial misunderstanding of the spelling of masterbirginity. Before a live performance at an annual swedish heart health benefit in 2009, pop artist, Damien Adore and his then girlfriend, Meagan Toulouse, discussed masterbirginity during a Band Crush tm interview. His girlfriend thought that to lose one's masterbirginity represented the first time one had sex in a master-bed or the first time one experienced anything for the first time in a master-bed or master-bedroom. The interview clip is cut short before Damien can finish telling a story about the 1st time he walked-in on his parents having sex.
*Son enters parent's bedroom,
"Hey Dad do you know where i put the..."
*runs away while vomiting profusely.

Older Brother: "Hahahaha lost that masterbirginity, lil squirt? How bad was it? Were mom's poopboobies flopping all over? What was the look on Dad's face? Did you get a boner?"
by Jordan Lane March 19, 2010
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