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A first person shooter that offers lesser graphics for sheer in-game intensity, especially when playing the bigger 256 player "Domination" games. An absolutely awsome game that is well structured, and most importantly, balanced. You have to side with one of the three available PMCs (Private Military Contractor/Company).

Valor: A modern day army with modern equipment you would find now (M4A1, SCAR, M14EBR). Gun attributes are moderate fire rate, moderate accuracy, and moderate damage. Modeled after the US.

Raven: A technologically advanced army with expensive equipment (AUG,F2000,G3). Gun attributes are low accuracy and low damage, but high handling (low recoil) and rate of fire. Modeled after Europe.

SVER: An economically deprived guerilla army with cheap russian equipment (AK74U, AN94notcheaplolz, Dragunov). Gun attributes are low rate of fire, low accuracy, low handling (high recoil), but high damage per bullet. Modeled after Russia/China.

If you can handle the intensity of 64, 128, or 256 player games, then you will have a blast in this underrated yet incredibly fun game. If you can't, then you will hate it for your lack of skill and common sense and go back to playing easier games such as Black Ops or Bad Company 2.
Admit it Battlefield fans, Massive Action Game defines what an all out battlefield should look like.
by Arhnhem Knight December 24, 2010
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A PS3 exclusive game made by Zipper Interactive that supports up to 256 actual players in one match, released January 26th, 2010. It was a great game when released, just needed a few glitches fixed. However, then Zipper decided to put out patches that ultimately, ruined the game. The game boasts 128v128 action, but is broken down into 4 platoons of 32v32, so you never really see anymore than that. The game's low player count is mostly due to the fact that the game is heavily imbalanced. The game is set with 3 faction that you can pick from, you can only play for your faction you pick. Each faction has it's own map to defend/guns/looks/etc. The faction "S.V.E.R." has been imbalanced since the start of the game. With the easiest maps to defend, strongest weapons, it's well known that this is the faction Zipper caters to most in their game. Because of the imbalance of this game, that is why the population of the game is so low now, 1yr after it's release (Not even 1 full year, yet)
Bob: "Hey, you like MAG?"
Joe: "MAG? Massive Action Game? That game with 256 players?"
Bob: "Yeah, it's fun."
Joe: "Pfft, yeah; if you're on S.V.E.R."
by TruthAboutMAG December 29, 2010
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