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While stopped at an intersection, A Massachusetts Left is the act of quickly taking a left as soon as the light turns green, in order to avoid having to wait for the line of cars heading your way to pass.
I was in a hurry, so I pulled a quick Massachusetts Left as soon as the light turned green.
#massachusetts #traffic #stop light #green light #left turn #masshole #driving
by Fightin April 13, 2009
At an intersection unregulated by a traffic light, making a left turn by pulling halfway out into the road to block oncoming traffic while waiting for a gap in the other lane.

So common in Massachusetts that drivers will stop and wait for a left-turner, even when they have the right of way.
- You're pretty late today.

- Yeah, I got stopped by like four people making Massachusetts lefts.
#pittsburgh left #traffic #left turn #michigan left #right of way
by hogosha February 05, 2011
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