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The worst possible ending in video game. It has never been yet surpassed since its reveal.
Person: Yea that ending was bad, but we all remember the mass effect 3 ending...

Other person: Yea, and that extended cut didn't help either!
by Awesomejawsom June 28, 2012
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The phrase used to bait gamers into a mindless debate either calling for BioWare blood in response to a sense of entitlement, or defending it from a lofty position of sophistication and arrogance - because everyone seems to know better than everyone else.
Friend 1: "So... you catch the Mass Effect 3 ending?"
Friend 2: "Yeah, I saw everyone on the internet going off about it. Fucking babies - it's a game, grow up. Learn to take disappointment blah blah blah..."
Friend 3: "Oh shut up. They totally fucked over the fanbase. It was really badly done - full of plotholes and bad writing and blah blah blah... BioWare/EA should patch it!"
Friend 1: "Oh for fuck's sake."
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