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(1) A purse containing everything but the kitchen sink!
(2) A purse that one must pull out the strangest items in order to get to what they're looking for.
(3) A purse that is tiny, but apprears to hold huge amount of items in it.
(4) A purse one must dump out the entire contents of to get one small item out.
I got stuck behind a woman with a Mary Poppins Purse at the supermarket. This crazy lady had to take out everything in her purse just to get to her wallet. She had playing cards, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, dental floss, 3 bottles of pills, and whole lot of other junk just dumped on the counter. It was a small purse, too. I can't believe it holds all that stuff!
by DeWinter June 11, 2007
A vagina that is so loose it has no end.
Victim: She was so loose it was like fucking Mary poppin's purse
by hyden coombs January 22, 2011
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