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An abbreviation of marvellous. "Marv" can be used in a similar way.
"Wow, your party on Friday was truly marvy!"
by kittee July 29, 2005
adjective; short for marvelous; works especially well if you are extrememly enthusiastic
"What a great day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing - simply marvy!"
by Ashley Lynn June 07, 2005
Used in the Georgia Nicolson books. Refferig to something being marvellous
Omg, thats a marvy idea!
by Jezo April 14, 2009
1950s term short for marvelous. fantastic, awesome.

Sounded cool in the 50s now it will get you killed.
student #1 1959: How do you like my new shoes?
student #2 1959: Marvy!
student #1 1959: cool

student #1 2009: How do you like my new shoes?
student #2 2009: Marvy!
student #1 2009 You're dead!
by thedzone October 07, 2009