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A song written by Drake, has multiple remix's, but basically is the name of a studio that he and many rappers have been in, where they have cheated on someone they were dating.

It is also that state where they have been so drunk, that they have called their ex's, or their ex's have called them and almost plead them to take them back, or cheat on their current partner.

Last but not least, where you realized you messed up in the relationship, and your ex has moved on, but you want them to realize that they will never have anyone like you, but it's really your loss.

- In 1975, soul legend Marvin Gaye built a studio in Los Angeles called Marvin's Room and recorded numerous classic albums there. It became the epicenter of nonstop parties,..
Christian: "I'm about to hit up Marvin's Room! Wild party tonight, and I'm looking for a good time."

Random Girl: "Hey sexy, looking for a good time?"
Christian: "Yessir.."
Random Girl: "Cool, Cool. You got a girl..?"
Christian: "Nah, would I be here if I did?"
Random Girl: "Just asking.." *Enters Marvins Room*

2 Months Later.

Christian (drunk): *Calling ex-girifriend* "Hey.. Wassup, uhh.. I'm just here, in the club. Had a few drinks. Are.. Are you alone.. Well, I think that You should come through. Oh, you can't. I guess I'm just gonna chill here then."
by brittanybayy! July 18, 2011
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